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TheraSox are perfect for various uses: whether you are an athlete, an office worker that sits most of the day, work standing on your feet all day, experiencing swelling during pregnancy, experiencing swelling during flight travel, have medical condition/s that result in swelling, or you simply just experience muscle fatigue and swelling at the end of your day, TheraSox are designed just for you!!!

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TheraSox are manufactured with the highest quality material: Nylon 75%, Elastic 20% and Spandex 5%. It features anti-bacterial, sweat-absorbent, eco-friendly, sporty and quick dry properties. To some they are challenging getting them on and off, but once on, they have a firm but comfortable fit, very lightweight, breathable fabric that stays in place, soft edge at the top of the knee that doesn’t dig or cut, and wide toe box that allows freedom of movent for the toes. They are offered in one-size fits all for women, one size fits all for men, they come in lively colors and offer a sporty look, feel, and design that caters to all ages.


Men's Black, Men's Orange, Men's White, Women's Black, Women's Green, Women's Pink, Men's Blue, Men's Red


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